Health supplements – A Brief Overview

A health supplement also known as a dietary supplement, is something that is required for your body which may not be available in your regular diet. It is well-known everyone that not all the food we eat gives complete nutrition as required by the human body. Some may lack vitamins, some minerals, some fatty acids, some carbohydrates etc. which if not consumed in proportionately will lead to an imbalance in your health. So a health supplement is meant to balance such a shortfall.

What is the age to take health supplements?

According to a survey, almost one in five adults in the US alone takes health supplements regularly or occasionally. So it is important to understand that health supplements are meant for grown-ups. It is not recommended to give such supplements for children or adolescents. But if they are dietary supplements such as iron, vitamins, and minerals, they can be given to children also since not all these come from the food they eat.

Forms of Health Supplements

Health supplements come in many forms:

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Powder
  • Drinks – ready to consume
  • Energy bars

The most popular health supplements from express health shop are calcium, iron, vitamin D and E, probiotics and fish oils. There are many companies in the market which manufacture and supply health supplements. All such products have a label which mentions the nutritional value contained in it. Also, it mentions the active ingredients and added ingredients such as preservatives and flavorings. The manufacturer specifies the serving size based on the form of the health supplement. You should always take proper medical advice before choosing any health supplement.


For all those who don’t eat nutritious food, supplements are a must and they give you the adequate quantity of the nutrients required for your body to perform naturally. But a health supplement cannot replace the variety of foods that we consume daily. Experiments show that health supplements are beneficial to manage certain health conditions which otherwise need powerful medicines that have strong side effects. For instance, calcium supplements prevent bone loss which if not consumed may lead to diseases such as osteoporosis and other bone related issues. Similarly folic acid during pregnancy is an active health supplement which is known to reduce complications during delivery by keeping the baby healthy inside the womb. FDA approved health supplements are evident of being useful for what they are meant for. Every health supplement should be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which makes it genuine.


As mentioned earlier in this article, health supplements contain active ingredients which have strong effects on the functioning of the body. Any unexpected change in your body should be reported immediately to a medical practitioner when you start consuming a new health supplement. Supplements cause side effects and are harmful if taken instead of a prescribed drug or if taken without medical advice. There are supplements which may have the following side effects:

  • Increased bleeding
  • Reduce the ability of blood thinning/clotting
  • Cause depression
  • Reduce the effect of other medications

You should understand that some ingredients in a health supplement may be present in your diet and it is important to know how much is not risky for your body. Even if a particular ingredient is consumed too much, it may lead to an imbalance in health conditions causing irreparable damages. For instance, too much iron causes nausea and vomiting and improper supplements during pregnancy may lead to birth defects. There are also certain supplements which should not be consumed by nursing mothers. It is known to have side effects on the child which feeds over the breast milk.


It is important to understand that health supplements are not meant to treat any health condition. It is mostly a preventive measure and to fulfill the shortfall in one’s regular diet. Health supplements should not be taken in combination with any medicines. Check the quality and take a doctor’s advice before you start taking any kind of health supplements. Potential benefits, safety, quality, dosage, and duration to take the supplement should all be considered. With this information, a person should be able to understand what it is to take health supplements and how they work along with the precautionary measures.

Production of Energy 

The Ubiquinol has an extra set of electrons and when you are taking Omega 3 QH Ultra supplements, the Ubiquinol in it will donate both of its electrons to the bodies transport chain of electrons. This is what provides that spark to create ATP and thus make energy.

After going through this donation, the Ubiquinol goes back to being original CoQ10 which will continue to be used by the body and some of it, if you are lucky, will be converted back into Ubiquinol and the entire process will go again.

Large Array Of Benefits 

Besides the many benefits of cardiovascular health, which I greatly avail, and which may include hypertension, there are a lot more of the age related conditions in which there are great clinical trials showing that Ubiquinol provides benefits to.

As an example, the possibility of reducing the risk of some of these diseases like Parkinson’s as well as helping the immune system to boost and also assisting in relieving migraine headaches.

Why Should You Take Xtend-Life Omega 3 Fish Oil With Ubiquinol? 

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